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The b? Manifesto

By Michael Raj & Frantz Cesar

Life is a game of Hide & Seek where you wake up years later wondering where she has gone.

I think a lot of us think this, but don't say it.

This obsession with DOING is a distraction.

Breaking life down into boxes of things you can get, buy, and achieve: never filling the empty void.

Crossing off items on a never - ending grocery list of ​superficialities​. W​idening the void with the ​curse of 

more​. ​Measuring happiness with a “white picket fence” picture. Thinking that your dream job, status, and 

legacy is what makes you alive. Even though you will be replaced by a better robot tomorrow. This is life 

in the binary, just quantifiable numbers in the matrix. Feelingless. Logical to the point of fearful 

practicality. Birthing superiority, privilege, and justifiable selfishness. People around you become 

something to use. Love has conditions. And is only requited when it is convenient. You project all your 

ideas, fantasies, and beliefs on someone else - telling yourself they are the problem if they don’t 

reciprocate. Collateral Damage. The first question you ask someone when you meet them is: “What do 

you do?” Because to you, who they are doesn’t matter. What they do is what they are. Nothing More. Just 

another compartmentalized box of Doing in your mind. Relationships are hobbies. Instruments of 

pleasure. Meaningless. A group of reaffirmations you call friends. Mirrors of your same stagnant beliefs. 

There is no change. There is no evolution. There is never revolution. The truth is whatever you say it is. 

There are no lies, as long as it matches yours. Facts are just headlines from your favorite magazine. That 

have pedaled unattainable versions of you across the centuries. Until you hate yourself. ​We used to love 

ourselves, We used to love one another. ​Now you couldn’t be bothered. Your views are deep-seeded roots 

in a tree that you never dared to understand. And your ideas of religion are passed down like a relay race 

that you do not know if you believe or respect. It doesn’t matter. Because getting to the other side of 

paradise is something you deserve. You treat these ideals like genetics in your biome, as if there is no 

other choice. And so the revolving doors keep turning. The hamster wheel keeps spinning. Your relative 

truths have become your absolute reality. And after all the numbing, there is nothing human left.

If all you are is what you do, how can you ever, be?

             Just for one second. Don't Do Anything. Don't do. Do Not do. Stop. Stop learning to show it off.

Stop posting. Stop taking pictures for them. Stop tagging. Can't you just let it happen. Can't I just let it sit

in for a second, without a need to be explained. Stop processing. Stop making goals that you achieve

while still feeling that shitty despair in your chest. Stop waking up thinking you deserve anything. Sit still

in gratitude. Take a fuckin' breath, And feel your lungs hold onto a gift that People wish to hold for

infinity. Life. You have that. So where are you going? What are you looking for? You already have that

which is most important. DO NOT DO. Just Be. Just Be. Just Be. Just be. Be. Be. Be. Be. Be. B. B?

The b_ Manifesto - Mike & Frantz 2.jpg

Join the revolution.

b? day is coming.


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