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I am surprised we didn't write "Could" sooner, even when we

were in college together - because it is a theme that has been on the tip of

our tongues since we first became friends.

We are products of the observations we do or do not make;

"Could" was the byproduct of quiet examinations of people

sacrificing happiness in the name of practicality. So much so that life

becomes a monotonous chore of DOING. There is an inherent constant struggle that we all have with:


BEING meaning "who you are at your core, what you believe to be your individual principles, and how these shape your perspective on the world."

DOING meaning "how you spend the limited moments we are given - regardless of your BEING."

"Could" is a snapshot narrative of that begrudging conversation everyone must eventually come to have with oneself.

Questions that highlight the essence of BEING - which if not asked in a

timely manner, might result in years and years passing by - until you

finally look backwards through a telescope of regret.

See, "Could" as a word is indicative of possibilities, just as the human spirit is. Sometimes the possibilities are so endless that we become frozen with indecision, and wake up many moons later wondering where the world has gone. But in that endlessness is also the beauty of BEING - where we are infinite, limitless, and ripened with potential.

When we began writing the songs on b?, we knew our singular

experiences would not be enough. We began creating characters, worlds,

and universes to carry and explain this complex concept of BEING.

"Could" is one of the many looks at the human condition on the album,

but it wasn't until the writing of this song that we noticed our

humanity was clouding our ability to make unbiased observations. As an

experiment, we decided to write about the human condition from the perspective of some being that was not plagued by it - 

The Following is an Excerpt from that Perspective:

HOAX - Could - Figure 1.png

Figure 1. Humans Believe that

what they DO is WHO THEY ARE

Figure 2. Humans tend to think less

about why they are doing something

and focus instead on the DOING Itself

HOAX - Could - Figure 2.png

Figure 2A. Humans use practices

like religion and politics to fulfill

their Doing Instincts

Figure 3. There is nothing

stronger than Humans engaged in

absolute BEING

HOAX - Could - Figure 3.png

Humans are one of the most peculiar and puzzling phenomenons I've observed on this giant blue marble. Their defining difference seems to lie in a self-proclaimed gift of self-awareness. They have an ability to analyze, remember, and internalize events, conversations, and relationships: an idea they have dubbed as "The Human Condition". This knowledge is a double-edged sword to them as it is both their mortality and their misery. You see, the birds of the air do not plague themselves with insecurities of where they will fly to. Even the fish below are not concerned with why the current flows the way she does. In contrast - humans obsess. Constantly. Without Fail. They live in binary statements of "what if". Timid "what ifs?" For every brave thought that wanders through their head in the name of happiness, there is a counter-thought burdened with self-doubt and unworthiness. This dichotomy seeps into every conscious decision - 

often diluting a human's ability to experience life with a mentality of BEING. They are  much more blinded through DOING. They build their lives around routines, actions, and schedules. They go places they believe they ought to go, or DO things they think they ought 

to do. This belief of "what they should do" is unfounded in any sense of happiness, and removed from passionate calling. Most of the time, it is derived from fearful practicality.

This DOING for the sake of DOING is evident in almost every corner of what humans 

call "important". In religion, humans treat the belief in God or a higher purpose as a relay race torch-passing decision, where they adopt their beliefs because they were told to (usually by a family member or one they trust). This also happens with ideas of politics where people fully neglect the kind elements of their humanity like compassion, empathy, selflessness 

and instead fall for more self-centric views. They seem to always want to build their lives around "what is going to do the most for them" - which is a limited set of singular experiences in an otherwise infinite universe of existence. When the DOING mentality is so ingrained in a human, it drains the humanity out of them, and humans start seeing other humans as boxes. Boxes of race. Boxes of Inequalities. These boxes become smaller and smaller as humans compartmentalize. They often resign themselves considering whatever is the largest box - usually their occupation. Remember, they are all about Doing - and doing is directly correlated to where you spend your time working.

The absolute irony of humans lie in their extended name: "human beings." The added word is astonishing when you observe how they center their lives around DOING.

Many are so far removed from the concept of BEING as they believe it is a wasteful way to live. Some despise it. Yet when I have come across humans truly BEING it is the most beautiful picture of Freedom I have come to know. I have seen homeless mothers in Ladakh shower their Children in kisses of Unconditional Love, their babies accepting with unwavering smiles and unconcerned with what they DO or DO not have. I have seen Teenagers in Texas plead with politicians about topics well beyond their responsibility, in the name of 

generations yet to come. I have seen communities attacked with bigotry and hatred, respond only in manners of irrational kindness. I have seen hope in the eyes of the unexpected. I have seen light in their darkest days. I have seen the human spirit and it is strong, and when it is BEING, it is unbreakable. If I were to summarize my observations of humanity with one word, it would be: COULD - an indication of infinite possibilities. For with their responsibility of self-awareness also comes the undeniable freedom of BEING. The choice of honing in on connections to other humans, and heal through the pain of rationality. Many humans will continue to be depressed and bogged down by the practicality of "DOING", but there lies in all of them an everlasting sea of potential, that COULD unlock if they would just BE.

Humans are truly a remarkable specimen.

It was late at night,

You Tossed and Turned

As Thoughts began to Play

“How can this be life?”

Everyday I watch us waste away

Saving up the time,

To spend it all on mindless entertainment

As if we’d find some sort of reason behind

This need to survive


We could be right

Or we Could be Wrong, Together

When Daffodil Skies

They Bloom in the Darkest Weather

Make Up a Lie -

Tell yourself you're fine,

Like your mother and father did before

Eat yourself alive

You open up but the words

Are all tongue-tied

Pulling back the blinds

Is this the world you Pictured here before?

Struggling to find some sort of reason behind

This need to survive

HOAX - Could - Lyrics 2.png
HOAX - Could - Lyrics 1.png

We could be right

Or we Could be Wrong, Together

When Daffodil Skies

They Bloom in the Darkest Weather

Make Up a Lie -

Say that It’s now or never

It’s just you and I

It was late at night,

You tossed and turned

Till morning broke to day

Put on That broken smile

Tomorrow come, you’ll do it

All A…

We could be Right

Or we could be wrong, Together

When daffodil skies

Bloom in the darkest weather

Make up a Lie -

Say that it is now or never

It’s just you and I

Alone, through the worst and better

Join the revolution.

b? day is coming.

Join the revolution.

b? day is coming.


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